It’s like you’ve fallen into a dark world of swirling black that surrounds you completely. A black so black, you can’t even be completely sure of your own existence. You try to fight it but no matter how hard you kick, no matter how much you beg, you remain just barely below the surface staring up at the bright orange glow that illuminates the world you used to be a part of. You don’t fight for long, your body has already became weakened by the force that is pulling you under but you surrender too early, knowing there is still some fight left in the broken body that once belonged to you. You accept your fate almost willingly; after all you knew it was coming all along. You don’t care enough to fight. Besides, the swirling black nothingness is far more welcoming than the fraudulent glow of hope that remains at the now distant surface. Just as you finally find yourself drifting past the point of no return, an uninvited something grabs your arm and drags you with all its strength to the surface, determined to pull you to safety. You resist at first, kicking and fighting with all your might but this force is so convincing and welcoming that you can’t help but allow yourself to be towed towards that warm, forgiving glow that had once seemed so cold and harsh. You take a deep breath of the clear air and for the first time in a long time your lungs actually feel full and a wave of comfort rushes over your body. It’s not until many, many refreshing breaths later that you realize that you are no better off than you were just minutes ago. You are now trapped somewhere in between the swirling blackness below and the all too bright light glaring tauntingly at you from above. A sense of familiarity takes over you. This is not the first time you have been trapped in this place. It is then that you realize your fate, condemned to spend all of eternity bobbing back in forth between the swirling blackness and this empty place filled with false hope forever. Waiting for the moment that you are pulled back under. Never again will that orange glow be within your reach as it once was so long ago.